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Welcome To The New Brew Crew Ball

SBN United is here, and BCB and all your favorite sites around the network have a new look.

Patrick McDermott - Getty Images

Good morning folks,

As you've likely noticed, Brew Crew Ball and over 300 other sites from around the SB Nation network look different this morning. In the wee hours Tuesday morning the company launched SBN United, the largest platform update in the company's history.

The new look is really just the tip of the iceberg, as SBN United comes with a boatload of new options and features that we'll be trying out over the coming days and weeks.

One thing will not change: The level and depth of content you've come to expect from Brew Crew Ball will continue uninterrupted. You may occasionally see some blips on the radar as we as a team learn how to use some of our new toys, but everything we've been doing over the last weeks and months will continue in this renovated space. By the time you read this today's edition of Today In Brewer History will likely already be up, opening our full day of coverage.

Now, if you'll excuse me, I have new toys to play with.