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Francisco Rodriguez And Pitching A Lot, Ineffectively

Despite having a sub-standard 2012 season, Francisco Rodriguez has been one of the most oft-used relievers in Brewer franchise history.

Mike McGinnis - Getty Images

If you've been watching the Brewers lately, you may have noticed that you haven't been seeing much of Francisco Rodriguez. He's appeared in just four of the Brewers' last 15 games (27%) after working in 68 of their first 139 (49%). You're probably not too upset by the change, however, because K-Rod is having a pretty poor season by his standards.

With that said, we've still seen an awful lot of K-Rod in 2012. His 72 appearances (with eight games to play) are already tied for the 16th most by a reliever in franchise history. If he pitches four more times in the Brewers' last eight games he could move into a tie for fifth:

Pitcher Season Games ERA
Ken Sanders 1971 83 1.91
Ray King 2001 82 3.60
Todd Coffey 2009 78 2.90
Derrick Turnbow 2007 77 4.63
Ray King 2002 76 3.05
Luis Vizcaino 2002 76 2.99
Chuck Crim 1989 76 2.83

You might have noticed something else about the relievers on that list: Most of them actually pitched pretty well. K-Rod (and John Axford, by the way) are already two of just five pitchers in franchise history to appear in at least 70 games with an ERA+ under 100:

Pitcher Season Appearances ERA
Derrick Turnbow 2007 77 4.63
Luis Vizcaino 2003 75 6.39
Francisco Rodriguez 2012 72 4.64
John Axford 2012 71 4.66
Mike Myers 1999 71 5.23

It's possible Kameron Loe could eventually join them: He has a 4.39 ERA and 67 appearances in 2012.