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Brewers 8, Reds 1: Ron Roenicke's Postgame Comments

Roenicke talked about a big road trip and must-win games.

As seen on FS Wisconsin.

The first question was cut off.

Got a tough one again tomorrow with Latos. But hey, Peralta gets back on with his command and it should be a good ball game.

On a 6-3 road trip so far:

We've been, in a couple of losses, blown out. But in the second one we lost in Washington was because of the ball we lost in the sun and it got out of hand. But we're playing really good.

So now you're left to hope it's enough?

Yeah, at this point where we've put ourselves unfortunately we need help from somebody but if we continue to play well it gives us that chance that somebody could get hot and beat them.

Is tomorrow a critcal game?

I think at this point they're all critical games. We lose and St. Louis wins figure they're going to fall apart that much, they're not going to do that.