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Reds 2, Brewers 1: Ron Roenicke's Postgame Comments

Ron Roenicke answered questions about Wily Peralta and more.

As seen on FS Wisconsin:

The first question was cut off but was presumably about Wily Peralta:

Well, he said something to Aramis before he went out there, and Rami told me so everybody was aware of it.

So what happened with Peralta?

He said he was going to go back out and throw his warmup pitches. He said he was ok, Dan (trainer Dan Wright) had already looked at him and I think velocity and even more the wildness...he threw a couple of balls that weren't even close.

So what's the plan for him now?

We'll see. We'll see how he is tomorrow and what it looks like. But he threw the ball great. It's a shame for him because he's throwing the ball great.

Is this the law of averages catching up?

Boy, I don't know if that's how you look at it. But he got a pitch where he wasn't trying to. These guys are all dangerous hitters and like I said, we held them down. We did a great job holding them down. Latos threw great again, he's always tough to hit and you go 1-0 against them and hope you can finish it, especially getting two outs in the ninth it was tough.

Does this change the feeling in the clubhouse?

I don't think it'll change how we feel but this is a game we couldn't afford to lose.

On Carlos Gomez:

Yeah, the home run, the base hit, the stolen base...he had a nice game.