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Yovani Gallardo And The 200/200 Club

By pitching 200 innings and recording 200 strikeouts in back-to-back seasons Yovani Gallardo has joined some elite company.

Benny Sieu-US PRESSWIRE - Presswire

Yovani Gallardo had a night to forget last night but some milestones to remember: His first inning strikeout of Jed Lowrie was his 200th of the season, and when he finished the second he had also thrown 200 innings this season.

Gallardo also reached 200 innings and strikeouts last season, and is one of just six pitchers who have reached that mark in each of the last two years:

Pitcher Team Combined IP Combined K
Yovani Gallardo Brewers 411.1 411
Felix Hernandez Mariners 460.1 438
Clayton Kershaw Dodgers 445 459
David Price Rays 428.1 419
James Shields Rays 468 433
Justin Verlander Tigers 482.1 481

It's worth noting that AL pitchers probably have an easier time racking up high inning totals, as they don't need to be lifted for pinch hitters in non-interleague games.

Yovani Gallardo and Teddy Higuera (1986-87) are the only pitchers in Brewer franchise history to post back-to-back 200 K, 200 IP seasons.