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Tonight's Matchup: Brewes (Peralta) at Marlins (Eovaldi)

Wily Peralta works on his unimpressed Maroney face  (Photo by Christian Petersen/Getty Images)
Wily Peralta works on his unimpressed Maroney face (Photo by Christian Petersen/Getty Images)
Getty Images

EDITOR'S NOTE: If you're looking for something to do while waiting for tonight's game, Kyle will be making his weekly appearance on The Home Stretch with Justin Hull on 95.3 FM/AM 1570 The Score in Appleton at 4:25. - KL

Welcome to the real, official Wily Peralta Era with the Brewers. Sure, he pitched one inning in the majors already, but the next five weeks or so when Peralta takes over Mark Rogers' spot in the rotation will essentially decide Peralta's future with Milwaukee.

His numbers at AAA Nashville weren't great - he was7-11 with a 4.66 ERA over 28 starts. Last year in Nashville he averaged 11.61 K/9 and that's down to 8.78 this season. His BB/9 is up to 4.79 from 3.19 last season. Control has been an issue for him all season, though the end of the season was kinder to him than the beginning was (but not much).

Whether Peralta remains in the rotation will not only depend on how he pitches, but on how Tyler Thorburg fairs. The Brewers sort of threw Thornburg to the wolves when they pulled him up from AA Huntsville to make his major league debut. It will be interesting to see if he appears out of the bullpen or if he is the starter-in-waiting to take over if they shut down Mike Fiers or Peralta struggles. Thornburg's big problem is his tendency to be a fly-ball pitcher, so the most heartening statistic from his season is that his GO/AO doubled from AA to AAA.

On the other side, Nathan Eovaldi is 0-2 with a 2.77 ERA and 6 strikeouts in previous outings against the Brewers and has struggled to a 3-4 record in Miami. He was acquired by the Marlins from the Dodgers in the Hanley Ramirez trade.

Despite getting the loss in his last outing, it was the most promising one he'd had with the Marlins. He struggled in the start prior to that, lasting just three innings against his former club. Walks have been an issue for Eovaldi, but he gave up just one in seven innings against the Mets on Saturday.

However, seven of his last ten major league outings have gone 5.1 innings or less

Over at Fish Stripes last week they looked at Eovaldi's effectiveness and found some pretty skewed results:

Eovaldi, Pitch Zone% B/CS* Swing% Whiff%
Fastball 60.9 1.4 49.0 14.3
Slider 46.2 5.3 52.6 22.0

*B/CS represents balls to called strike ratio

The other pitches represented just 14 out of the 235 pitches he has thrown as a Marlins against righties, so the numbers broken down in this fashion would look too skewed to be useful.

And now, to compare, here is Eovaldi's work versus lefties.

Eovaldi, Pitch Zone% B/CS* Swing% Whiff%
Fastball 55.3 2.0 44.3 10.8
Slider 61.4 4.5 50.0 18.2
Curveball 62.2 1.5 40.0 16.7
Changeup 38.5 5.3 38.5 30.0
Cutter 55.0 3.5 55.0 9.1

In fact, let me just go ahead and point you over to Fish Stripes' breakdown of Eovaldi for all the information you could want on him that I am unequipped to provide for you.

Here's tonight's lineup:

Norichika Aoki RF
Rickie Weeks 2B
Ryan Braun LF
Aramis Ramirez 3B
Corey Hart 1B
Martin Maldonado C
Carlos Gomez CF
Jean Segura SS
Wily Peralta P

And in the bullpen:

Manny Parra pitched one inning (20 pitches) yesterday and also pitched on Sunday.
Livan Hernandez pitched 2.2 innings (36 pitches) Monday.
Brandon Kintzler pitched one inning (18 pitches) Monday.
Kameron Loe pitched 0.1 innings (2 pitches) yesterday.
John Axford pitched 0.1 innings (7 pitches) yesterday.
Jose Veras pitched 0.2 innings (22 pitches) yesterday.
Francisco Rodriguez pitched one inning (13 pitches) yesterday.
Tyler Thornburg started for Nashville and pitched 3.2 innings Sunday.
Josh Stinson started for Huntsville and pitched four innings Saturday.
Jim Henderson pitched one inning (18 pitches) yesterday.