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Robin Yount, Paul Molitor, Ryan Braun And The "856" Coincidence

My day-to-day work here on the site frequently leads me off to Baseball Reference in search of a stat. B-Ref is phenomenal and almost always has what I'm looking for, plus some fascinating things I might never have otherwise noticed.

Here's my favorite thing I've found today, on the Brewer leaderboard for career games played:

Rank Player Games
1 Robin Yount 2856
2 Paul Molitor 1856
16 Ryan Braun 856

This is, of course, relevant to nothing. I just thought the symmetry was fascinating.

By appearing in 127 games this season Braun has passed Dave Nilsson (837), Bill Hall (831), Mark Loretta (796), Sixto Lezcano (785), George Scott (782), Jeromy Burnitz (782) and Jose Valentin (762) on the all time list and moved from 24th to 16th.

Braun won't climb any higher up the list this season: The next player in front of him is the still-active Rickie Weeks (891), and the next one after that is Greg Vaughn at 903.