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Brewers 5, Cardinals 4 (13 Innings): Ron Roenicke's Postgame Comments

I'm wide awake right now, so you're getting some early morning supplemental coverage from last night's (or maybe this morning's) game. Ron Roenicke was still awake enough to speak to FS Wisconsin, and here's what he had to say (joined in progress).

Our bullpen really pitched well. Henderson gave up the homer but we played a really good game. Offensively we got the big hits and Lohse is tough. It's tough scoring runs off him. We got the two to let us go into extra innings and we get the lead, don't hold it again. But, it was good.

With the long way the Brewers have to go, does winning a game like this make it seem possible?

It is. When I saw Yadi go deep, I thought, "You've got to be kidding me." I think the guys hung in there enough. I can say that the relief pitching did a great job holding them down and then Braunie with the big one.

Any feeling about Ryan Braun in the 13th?

Aw, no. When it goes too many innings you think somebody's going to come through. The home runs, there's not too often that I think guys are going to get home runs. I think base hits, and then how are we going to score them.

On the 100 RBI season for Braun.

Yeah, he's having another great year.

Everything ok with Aoki?

Just a double switch. He's fine.

Would Manny Parra have pitched another inning if he hadn't got hit by that ball?

No, because it was set up really for him that inning with all of the lefties. He got it right off the cheek.

Is Parra ok?

He's ok. It was a good deflection.

Any of the relief outings stand out?

I don't know which one stands out. I think we made some good pitches when we needed to. I talked about their offense, any time you hold their offense, you're doing a good job.