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The Active Former Brewers Club

Could a club of currently active former Brewers beat the 2013 team?

Al Bello

Sometimes on a slow news day my brain wanders a bit, and here's where it went yesterday: What's the best possible 25-man roster of currently active former Brewers, and would that roster be better than what we're likely to see on Opening Day?

Correct me if I'm missing anyone, but here's the 25 I'd put together:

Position Player 2013 Team Season(s) as Brewer
C George Kottaras Athletics 2010-12
1B Prince Fielder Tigers 2005-11
2B Jerry Hairston Jr. Dodgers 2011
3B Casey McGehee Japan 2009-11
SS J.J. Hardy Orioles 2005-09
LF Nelson Cruz Rangers 2005
RF Lorenzo Cain Royals 2010
CF Nyjer Morgan Free Agent 2011-12
Bench C Wil Nieves Diamondbacks 2011
Bench IF Bill Hall Free agent 2002-09
Bench IF Alcides Escobar Royals 2008-10
Bench OF Tony Gwynn Jr. Dodgers 2006-08
Bench OF Laynce Nix Phillies 2006-08
SP #1 CC Sabathia Yankees 2008
SP #2 Zack Greinke Dodgers 2011-12
SP #3 Chris Capuano Dodgers 2004-10
SP #4 Shaun Marcum Free agent 2011-12
SP #5 Carlos Villanueva Cubs 2006-10
Closer Francisco Rodriguez Free agent 2011-12
Set up A Mike Adams Phillies 2004-06
Set up B
Grant Balfour Athletics 2007
Middle Relief
Todd Coffey Free agent 2008-10
Middle Relief Kameron Loe Free agent 2010-12
LOOGY Mitch Stetter Angels 2007-11
Long Relief LaTroy Hawkins Free agent 2010-11

The 2013 Brewers will almost certainly score more runs than this hypothetical team would, but with that rotation I'm not sure it'd matter. And it gets even better if you allow them to add former Brewer minor leaguer R.A. Dickey.

This team is pretty weak at catcher, although Yorvit Torrealba would be an option if you're willing to count his five September 2012 games as a Brewer.

An old problem would resurface with both Alcides Escobar and J.J. Hardy vying for playing time at shortstop. In this case one would almost certainly have to change positions to cover for a weak option at second and third base. And this team would probably want Hairston to play some games in the outfield, because most of their options out there are terrible.

At first I thought this bullpen could be weak, but readers have since reminded me to add Grant Balfour and Mike Adams and now it looks like a strength. And again, a strong rotation would mean they wouldn't have to work much.

So who wins?