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Hey, That Looks Familiar...

College and Magnolia, SBN's Auburn blog, has a post attempting to remake the Auburn baseball uniform in the style of all 30 MLB teams. The results are pretty incredible.

Clearly, someone has a lot of time on their hands and put it to awesome use.

PlainsmanParkingLot, one of our collegiate colleagues from the SBN Auburn site College and Magnolia, has taken on one of the most thorough and epic uniform projects you'll ever see: An effort to remake the Auburn baseball uniform and logo in the style of every major league team.

Follow that link and check them all out because they're all remarkable, but here's the Brewer version:


Regardless of what you think of the continued use of the retro logo, you have to admit this is pretty spectacular. And using Auburn alum Hunter Morris' name and spring training number was a nice touch, too.

As I said above, go check out the post at College and Magnolia to see all 30 designs. They're referring to the project as a "labor of love," but no matter how much you love it there's clearly a lot of labor here.