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Brewers A-Z: Juan Castillo

The second baseman spent his entire major league career as a 1980's Brewer.

Castillo's 1989 Donruss card, #530
Castillo's 1989 Donruss card, #530
Author's personal collection.

Juan Castillo had a pretty short and less-than-notable Brewer career, but Donruss was all over it.

The Brewers signed Castillo as a 17-year-old amateur free agent from the Dominican Republic in 1979 and brought him to the big leagues for the first time in 1986, where he appeared in just 26 games and hit .167/.250/.204 with one extra base hit in 62 plate appearances. Somehow, though, that was enough to earn him a spot on 1987 Donruss card #249:


The back of that card said the Brewers "see him as a regular SS in the big leagues," and while he did appear in 116 games in 1987 he played most of them at second base and hit just .224/.302/.312.

Castillo's big league career was just about over in 1989, but first he was featured on Donruss card #530:


Castillo appeared in just three games in the majors in 1989, his final stint in the big leagues. He did spent much of the 90's in the Mexican League, though, before retiring following the 1998 season.

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