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No Players Elected to Baseball Hall of Fame

This is the first ballot since 1996 where no players were elected into the hall of fame.

Jim McIsaac

The results for the 2013 Baseball Hall of Fame voting were released at 1 pm today, and no player received the necessary 75% of votes needed for election into the Hall of Fame. It is the eighth time in the history of the vote that no players were elected, and the first time since 1996. Craig Biggio led the voting with 388 votes, but with 569 ballots cast he needed 427 to be elected, leaving him 39 votes short.

Three former Brewers were on this year's ballot as well. Julio Franco received 6 votes, while Jeff Cirillo and Royce Clayton did not receive any votes. None of the three candidates received the necessary 5% of votes to remain on the ballot next year.

You can view the full results from the BBWAA at their website.