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AUDIO: Kyle's appearance on The Home Stretch (Appleton)

The season review tour continues today with some Brewer talk with our dear friend Justin Hull.

Patrick Smith

The 2013 MLB regular season has been over for almost 24 hours now, but here you are, continuing the search for more Brewer conversation. That dedication to the Brewers and this site is one of the things I like about you.*

If you'd like to extend that dedication to another medium, then you'll probably be interested in knowing that I'll be making my weekly appearance on The Home Stretch with Justin Hull on 95.3 FM WSCO in Appleton at 2:30 today. I'll be in studio with Justin for about half an hour or more today taking your questions, which you can send in any of the following ways:

This may be the last weekly conversation on The Home Stretch for a while, so if you've been waiting to ask a question all season now may be your last chance. If you'd like these weekly spots to continue, now would also be a good time to mention that. Send Justin a Twitter mention with the hashtag #KeepTalkingBaseball or something.

Listen in live or check back later for the archived audio, or listen in live and then listen to it again later.

* - In some isolated cases, it's the only thing.

UPDATE: Archived audio can be heard here. Also, the #KeepTalkingBaseball hashtag thing didn't work out.