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What we learned this week: October 12, 2013

This week's lessons include the triggering of old memories, more reminders about the Brewers farm system, and the truth about how unnatural another team's many postseason runs has been.

Jonathan Daniel

Watching the 2013 LDS brings back memories of better times.

These teams that were in the 2013 LDS this year, they just didn't know how to celebrate like the Brewers did.  Back in 2011, the Brewers had one of their best moments in franchise history, and it can be argued as the best moment in franchise history.  On October 7, 2011, Nyjer Morgan's RBI single gave the Brewers their first posteseason series win since 2011, and sent the excitement of the Brewers fans out of the atmosphere.  Who doesn't remember where they were at the moment when the Brewers won the 2011 NLDS?  I was listening to the game from my desk at work.  I had the chance to go to that game, but had to pass because I couldn't get the day off of work.  It's definitely something hat I have a lot of resentment and regret about.  Let's move on before more resentment comes out.

Ken Keltner is Wisconsin's best October-born player.

Legends are born in October, or are they just made in October?  It's an interesting question, and it's one that we could address through the continuing 12-part series on the best Wisconsin-born players from each month.  Chris Jensen returned for part ten of his twelve-part series on the best players born in Wisconsin, and the October installment looked at Ken Keltner.  He might not be remembered much today, but he definitely had an impact in his time with seasons getting MVP votes, a World Series run, and even being directly responsible for the end of Joe DiMaggio's 56-game hitting streak.  I'd say that's a legend born in October.

The Face of the Franchise in 1985 was Pete Ladd.

1985 was a rough season for the Brewers as the team declined following a run of a few good seasons.  The team finished 21st in winning percentage that year.  In his continuing series, nullacct named Pete Ladd as the face of the franchise that year with his 21st ranked WAR.  It was Ladd's last season with the team as he had begun to decline over the past few years.  It was a tough season for both the Brewers and for Ladd.

The players in the Brewers minor-league system aren't getting much attention.

Most of us already knew about the state of the Brewers farm system, and this is the time of year when it can get rubbed in our faces.  Two more lists of top prospects were released by Baseball America this week, and the Brewers prospects were very sparse between the two.  The Florida State League list came out first, and no members of the Brevard County Manatees were in their top 20.  That was followed up by the Southern League list, which featured one Huntsville Star with Jimmy Nelson just getting onto the list at #18.  Nelson has already made his Brewers debut, but could be heading to Nashville next season to get more experience.  The talent in the system will come out again one day.  We just have to be patient.

The Cardinals keep winning and it needs to stop.

The title says it all.  The Cardinals just win too much, and it's just unnatural.  We joke about it all the time, but it does feel like they've made some type of deal with the devil.  The massive comeback in 2011, all of the elimination game wins, all of the hits that fall just in the one part of the field that no one can get to, it is unnatural.  Are we just overreacting?  Fred looked at it on Friday and concluded that we are not.  Call it the sign of a good organization if you want, but the amount of luck that they have had over the last few years really is unnatural.  At some point, it will run out and they will fall back to earth.

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