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BCB Community Report Card: Infield Grade & Outfield Vote

Today we recap part 4 of the vote with what grade you gave to the infield, and then move on to part 5 as we look at the outfield..

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The Report Card

Position Average Grade
Rotation 2.14 C
Bullpen 2.82 B-
Catcher 3.44 B+
Infield 1.70 C-
Outfield Vote Open Now
Bench Vote on 10/15
Coaching Vote on 10/16

The votes were spread on the outfield, with the votes ranging from B to F. The end result of the vote averaged out to a C-. Positives in the infield were Jean Segura and Scooter Gennett, but there wasn't much else that excited the voters. For some, that was enough to give them a good grade. For others, the negatives of the corner infield positions destroyed the grade for the whole infield.

Here is some of what the voters had to say:

AcesHigh - A lot of the infield doesn't look too bad heading into next year but you have to grade based on who played this year. A Betancourt and Francisco combo is an easy F at 1st base. Weeks and Scooter cancel eachother out at 2nd base for a C grade. Jean Segura had a fine year, excellent based on age and expectations he’s in the A-/B+ range. 3rd base is tough, I’d give it a D+/C- Ramirez had a solid year offensively but was a defensive liability and missed a lot of the season with injury, Betancourt was a terrible replacement, Gonzalez was beyond terrible and Bianchi probably isn’t worth keeping around either. Overall I give them a C, at least their one strength was the most important infield position.

KegelExercise - D+ overall. This was a poor group overall. 3B was mediocre at best, SS was a solid B+ with Segura getting the lions share of the PA’s, 2B was a train wreck with Weeks, but regained some respectability with a solid showing from Scooter, and to call 1B a revolving door of jabronies is being nice. A bit of great, some good, and a lot of bad. How the hell did Yuni get over 400 PA’s?

GoldenFrank - D-. The situation at First base was bad. Historically bad. Segura’s emergence keeps the infield from being a complete failure. Hopefully the ‘catchers as first basemen’ experiment begins and ends with this season. Just give them the day off. Ramirez hit well but is showing his age. Not sure what to make of the Rickie/Scooter situation at second. Platoon? Also, not sure what i’d do if Yuni is a 2014 Brewer. The only other positive is that he never sneaked into the SS position this year.

Next Vote: The Outfield

The next vote takes us to the outfield positions. Two of the positions were locked down for most of the year with Carlos Gomez and Norichika Aoki making over 140 starts each. However, the left field position became a bit of a revolving door because of Ryan Braun's year, and it took a while before someone claimed the position. That will probably be the biggest variable in any vote. Also, looking through the numbers, they were mostly positive, and the one player that did struggle had some good defensive numbers.

How does all of this translate into a grade for you? Let's take a look at the stats before the vote.

(Note on the stats: I omitted any players that played less than 10 games at one of these positions.)

Left Field

Player G PA Batting Line HR RBI SB UZR/150
Ryan Braun 59 251 .300/.375/.502 9 38 4 0.3
Logan Schafer 45 163 .193/.239/.280 1 10 3 15.7
Khris Davis 33 123 .282/.358/.600 9 22 1 -19.0
Caleb Gindl 30 115 .276/.372/.480 3 10 1 -10.8

Center Field

Player G PA Batting Line HR RBI SB UZR/150
Carlos Gomez 144 587 .285/.340/.508 24 73 39 27.2
Logan Schafer 27 85 .211/.317/.338 1 13 3 12.3

Right Field

Player G PA Batting Line HR RBI SB UZR/150
Norichika Aoki 146 662 .287/.335/.372 8 37 18 4.3
Logan Schafer 12 38 .237/.341/.447 1 5 1 -31.0

The vote is now open for the outfield. What grade do you give them? The vote will remain open until 3 pm tomorrow, when we will reveal the result of the vote and open the vote for the bench.