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BCB Community Report Card: Outfield Grade & Bench Vote

Today we recap part 5 of the vote with what grade you gave to the outfield, and then move on to part 6 as we look at the bench.

Brad Penner-USA TODAY Sports

The Report Card

Position Average Grade
Rotation 2.14 C
Bullpen 2.82 B-
Catcher 3.44 B+
Infield 1.70 C-
Outfield 3.13 B*
Bench Vote Open Now
Coaching Vote on 10/16

The majority of the votes for the outfield were very positive, and that's to be expected. If I just counted the positive votes, it would be a B+. However, a couple of stray votes went to D, when no one else voted lower than C+. Because of that, those two votes pushed the average just low enough that it is closer to a B than a B+ now. I counted the votes to be fair, but didn't hear any reasoning behind the votes.

Here are the people that did speak out about their vote:

cooper82 - B. When your weakest link is about average you are in good shape. One average player(Aoki), one slightly above average player(Braun/Davis), and one MVP level player(Gomez).

cwolf20 - B seems crazy to me. This is clearly a minimum of an A-. They got 12 WAR from OFs this season.

GoldenFrank - A-. Braun was going along pretty well until he was suspended. The replacements did better than anyone (except Noah) could have predicted. Gomez was fantastic all around this year. Aoki brings the group down a bit with his inconsistent defense (his routes are terrifying and he makes some questionable throws sometimes) and base running (CSs, TOOTBLANs) but you’ll never beat the production for the price. Schaffer is a perfectly serviceable 4th outfielder. Should be interesting to see where all these bodies land next year.

KegelExercise - A-. By FAR the best position group on the Brewers. Gomez was fantastic in CF, Aoki was a solid contributor in RF, and LF, despite being manned by committee all season combined to put up a pretty good line. The Braun suspension could have been a hell of a lot worse, so kudos to Gindl/Davis in picking up the slack. The only real gripe I have is that Logan Schafer got a few too many PA’s for a .601 OPS player, but to his favor, he contributed solidly above average outfield defense.

Next Vote: The Bench

We now move on to the last part of the position players with the bench. We've actually already covered most of these players already, but now we're coming back around to them. These were the players that didn't start regularly for most of the season, yet still had a significant contribution to the team. You may view the bench as different than the players I'm listing, and that's fine. Vote on how you think the bench did based on your perception.

In the stats below, I set the PA for the non-regular starters at under 300 to be considered, though I took out some who had regular play time. So, Logan Schafer, Scooter Gennett, and Yuniesky Betancourt aren't on here, since they played a little too much for consideration. However, you may argue that players like Khris Davis don't belong here since he was a regular starter at the end of the season, but I added him since his time was so limited as a starter that he was more of a bench player. You may disagree with that, and if you do, that's ok. Just add them in to your consideration for the grade.

I also added in the pinch-hitting stats below as well. The does include some regular starters, but in terms of pinch-hitting, adding in everyone made sense since pinch hitters are pulled from the bench.

Non-Regular Starters

Player G PA Batting Line HR RBI SB
Juan Francisco 89 270 .221/.300/.433 13 32 0
Jeff Bianchi 100 252 .237/.272/.292 1 25 4
Martin Maldonado 67 202 .169/.236/.284 4 22 0
Caleb Gindl 57 155 .242/.340/.439 5 14 2
Khris Davis 56 153 .279/.353/.596 11 27 3
Alex Gonzalez 41 118 .177/.203/.230 1 8 0
Sean Halton 42 111 .238/.291/.396 4 17 0
Blake Lalli 16 24 .125/.125/.125 0 2 0
Josh Prince 8 9 .125/.222/.250 0 0 0

Pinch-Hitting Stats

Player G / PA Batting Line HR RBI
Logan Schafer 44 .256/.293/.333 1 5
Yuniesky Betancourt 29 .259/.310/.333 0 1
Jeff Bianchi 23 .190/.227/.190 0 2
Caleb Gindl 22 .118/.273/.294 1 2
Khris Davis 21 .333/.429/.611 1 2
Juan Francisco 20 .211/.250/.263 0 0
Sean Halton 16 .214/.313/.286 0 1
Scooter Gennett 12 .100/.182/.400 1 4
Jonathan Lucroy 12 .182/.250/.182 0 2
Martin Maldonado 12 .083/.083/.083 0 1
Blake Lalli 10 .300/.300/.300 0 2
Rickie Weeks 10 .111/.200/.222 0 0
Alex Gonzalez 9 .222/.222/.222 0 0
Norichika Aoki 7 .200/.429/.200 0 0
Aramis Ramirez 7 .167/.286/.167 0 0

It's time to vote now. How did the bench perform in your opinion?  Voting will remain open until 3 pm tomorrow, when we will recap the bench vote and open voting for the last part of the team: the coaches.