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BCB Community Report Card: Bench Grade & Coaching Vote

Today we recap part 6 of the vote with what grade you gave to the bench, and then move on to the final part as we look at the coaching staff.

Kevin C. Cox

The Report Card

Position Average Grade
Rotation 2.14 C
Bullpen 2.82 B-
Catcher 3.44 B+
Infield 1.70 C-
Outfield 3.13 B*
Bench 1.63 C-
Coaching Vote Open Now

The vote for the bench is in, and they just beat out the infield for the lowest average among the voters. It works out to a C- in the end, though the votes had a wide range once again. It all came down to perspective. Did the voter want a bench that was just as good as the starters, or were they ok with something that was closer to the average of other benches? Also, who they considered for bench players came into play. For example, some considered Gennett and Davis as bench players, while others did not.

What did the community specifically have to say about the bench? Here's some of it:

GoldenFrank - C. Average. Not exciting, but not terrifying. Bianchi and Schafer were both above average defensively and below average with the bat. Gindl and Davis filled in quite well in LF. Halton showed some promise. The rest, blah. Fat Juan has way too many holes in his swing and is useless in the field. Let’s hope we’ve seen the last of him in a Brewers uniform.

infield fly - D+. Davis was a positive. Maldonado and to a lesser extent Schaefer had value for defense. There isn’t another guy among the bunch whose performance merits a spot on the 25 man next year. Would hope to improve on 4 HR, 22 RBI in over 250 pinch hit PAs…with only 1 of 15 guys (Davis) OPS’d over 650.

jcollins205 - C+. I agree with munchtime that the scale should be altered a bit for this group. I think they provided adequate backup help with the Braun suspension and Ramirez injuries. Maldonado’s handling of Peralta should be mentioned as well. (I thought it was a big positive.) Fat Juan and Gonzalez were just too much to move the group up to the B- slot for me, though.

munchtime - I give them a B- here. This is comparing against the expectations of reserve/replacement level players, rather than comparing to a regular MLB player. Its a much more forgiving scale than the other position groups.

Francisco, Bianchi, Gindl, and maybe even Halton were good enough for the roles they had. I wouldn’t want to count on any of them, but they can give a regular player a day off. Davis was fantastic if considered a bench player. With these guys you had some power, some OBP ability, and some defensive flexability.

The others? They hit like pitchers. That just isn’t acceptable. Its a good thing that, outside the backup catcher, they got a minimum of opportunities.

Final Vote: The Coaching Staff

It's time for the final vote, and this one is on the coaching for the team. I don't have any stats to show you on this one, since there isn't really a way to evaluate the staff based on that. This one is completely based on your perceptions. As a reminder, here are the Brewers 2013 coaches:

Ron Roenicke - Manager
Johnny Narron - Hitting Coach
Rick Kranitz - Pitching Coach
Garth Iorg - First Base Coach
Ed Sedar - Third Base Coach
Jerry Narron - Bench Coach
Lee Tunnell - Bullpen Coach
John Shelby - Outfield Coach/Eye in the Sky
Marcus Hanel - Bullpen Catcher

How do you think the coaching staff did? The vote is open below and will be open until 3 pm. Make sure to vote and then leave your thoughts on the coaching staff below.