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BCB Community Report Card: Coaching Grade & Final Report Card

We conclude the community report card series today with the grade for the coaching staff.

Joe Robbins

The Report Card

Position Average Grade
Rotation 2.14 C
Bullpen 2.82 B-
Catcher 3.44 B+
Infield 1.70 C-
Outfield 3.13 B
Bench 1.63 C-
Coaching 1.68 C-

We have come to the end of the report card, and the last grade is for the coaching staff.  The community was very split on how to vote here, but the votes are in and the final grade is a C-.  Most of the votes ranged between C+ and F, though a few were more positive.  Among those who actually commented, most of the comments were negative.

Here is what the community had to say:

Cecil Cooper's Love Child - Gave them a C+. I agree it took too long to reduce Yuni’s PA. I also agree that the pitching staff was not ready coming out of Spring Training.

But, I think the staff did a B+ caliber job with the progression of Kintzler, Peralta, Thornburg, Gennett, Khris Davis and even some of the tweaks they were trying with Francisco.

I think the WBC, injuries and obviously Mr.Braun’s absence will affect the grades, but those aren’t controllable factors for a coaching staff.

GoldenFrank - F. I just don’t see any positives.

RRR can’t learn from his mistakes. He’s obsessed with bunting, the contact play, under performing veterans and Yuni. He watched Mike Gonzalez fail all year long, before he finally said he was going to stop putting him in big spots. That lasted all of a week before guess-who was blowing seventh inning leads again.

Ed Sedar might as well be flipping a coin out there. And no one on the staff seems to be addressing or even acknowledging the ongoing base running problems.

I’m not sure what hitting and pitching or bullpen coaches do, but the non-lohse pitchers are consistently in pitch count trouble in fifth inning and the hitters seem to have the same problems at the end of the year as they did at the beginning.

The lineup cards sure look gorgeous though. And there’s always plenty if Gatorade for Braun to dump on post game reporters.

Yar Nivek - D-. As a TA, I do a lot of grading, and so there tends to be partial credit and a curve. Ultimately, they do almost everything wrong, but I see the occasional move that is not too bad from the staff at large. I mean, Iorg, Tunnell, and Shelby have positions that are very hard as a fan to measure success. So I’ll give this group the chance to skate by with a D-.

But I seriously SERIOUSLY wish they weren’t repeating this course next semester, because they’re not going to improve their grade. They need to switch majors.


That brings the community report card to a close.  What do you think?  Was the community fair?  Were they too easy or too hard?  How about your report card?  What did your report card end up looking like?