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Bloomberg estimates Brewers' value at $615 million

That's $5 million more than the Pirates!

Tom Lynn

An estimate released by Bloomberg today estimates the Brewers' franchise value at $615 million, ranking them 22nd among all MLB teams. If you haven't yet, take a moment to check out the infographic for yourself.

The report shows the Brewers team revenues at $205 million this season, which ranks them 20th in all of baseball. They come in ninth in parking revenue ($6 million) but sit at or below the middle in gate receipts, concessions and sponsorships. They're also second-to-last in the league with just $55 million in media rights fees.

According to this post the Brewers are the NL Central's fourth most valuable team, but the division's bottom three teams are pretty close together: The Brewers are estimated to be worth just $5 million more than the Pirates (23rd at $610mm) and are only one spot behind the Reds (21st at $680mm). All three of those teams are well behind the Cardinals (15th at $805mm), who in turn are also blown away by the Cubs (fifth at $1.32 billion).

All of these numbers, of course, are estimates. With that said, it looks like Mark Attanasio and company have done pretty well on their $200 million investment back in 2004.