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Brewers pick up contract option for Norichika Aoki

Picking up Aoki's $1.5 million option was one of the easier moves to make this offseason.

Daniel Shirey-USA TODAY Sports

A move that we had expected in regards to Norichika Aoki's contract was made official today.

There was little doubt that the Brewers would make this move, so this just makes it official.  Whether Aoki will be with the Brewers in 2014 is still to be determined.  With a good group of players returning in 2014 for the outfield, Aoki has been seen as a potential trade candidate in the offseason.  His contract is very team-friendly as he will make only $1.5 million next season, with another $1.0875 million earnable in incentives.

With the last two games of the World Series in sight, we're about a week away from free agency.  It won't be long before many of these questions are answered.

EDIT: Adam McCalvy notes that the option will be higher than originally expected.  In his contract, there were escalators built in to his guaranteed salary based on incentives hit in previous years.  Because of that, his guaranteed money in 2014 will actually be closer to $1.9 million, and incentives can push that to just over $3 million.