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World Series Game 6 Open Thread

Our first possible last game of 2013.

Rob Carr

It's possible the 2013 MLB season will end tonight in Boston, where the Red Sox take a 3-2 lead into Game 6 and will send John Lackey (3.52 ERA in 2013, 3.26 postseason) to the mound to take on Michael Wacha (2.78 ERA in 2013, 1.00 postseason).

Tonight's fun fact is this: Seven of the last ten World Series have been decided in five games or less. The only exceptions were 2009 (Yankees over Phillies in 6), 2011 (Cardinals over Rangers in 7) and this one. Of the last ten World Series to reach a Game 6 (going all the way back to 1992), only four have reached a Game 7.