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Vegas: Brewers at 50/1 to win 2014 World Series

It'll be interesting to watch these numbers move as the winter goes along.

David Becker

Bovada has released their odds for the 2014 World Series, and as you might expect the Brewers aren't among the top contenders. They open the offseason at 50/1, a line they share with the White Sox and Mariners. Those three teams are tied for 21st most likely to raise the Commissioner's Trophy next October.

As you might expect, the Brewers are behind all three of the 2013 NL Central playoff teams. The Cardinals are tied for third at 10/1, the Reds are tied for seventh at 16/1 and the Pirates, likely to be a trendy pick, are tied for 15th at 25/1. The Brewers are a spot ahead of the Cubs, who sit at 66/1. The other teams below the Brewers are the Rockies, Padres, Twins, Mets, Marlins and Astros.

Here are the top and bottom five in the odds:

Team Odds Team Odds
Dodgers 7/1 Astros 250/1
Tigers 9/1 Marlins 200/1
Red Sox 10/1 Mets 75/1
Cardinals 10/1 Twins 75/1
Nationals 10/1 Cubs, Rockies and Padres 66/1