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Brewers and Mets discussed an Ike Davis trade

A deal looks pretty unlikely right now, though.

Jim McIsaac

Over the weekend, I wrote this piece on rumors that the Brewers and Mets could exchange Norichika Aoki for Ike Davis. Turns out, the two teams actually did discuss a trade for the Mets' first baseman.

According to Andy Martino of the New York Daily News, the talks did not take off and an agreement does not seem to be in the cards right now.

Martino gives no indication on what the Brewers were willing to offer in the trade. Aoki seems like the most likely choice--he really does seem like a good fit in a deal with New York--but it could have been someone else as well. Given the fact that the Brewers need a first baseman and the Mets insist they are merely listening to offers for Davis (and Lucas Duda, but they would rather trade Davis), it seems likely the Brewers were the ones to initiate talks.

That means that the Mets didn't like what Milwaukee offered, or the Brewers thought the Mets were aiming too high. Again, whether Aoki came up at all is unknown.

However, Martino says a source familiar with Milwaukee told him the Brewers appear "unwilling to trade ... Aoki". There is a whole lot that can be read into that. One, this further cements that the Brewers want to compete. Two, the team could be hoping to extend or re-sign Aoki. Three, the Brewers may not trust Khris Davis or Ryan Braun in right field, or trust Khris Davis to start full-time at all yet. Four, Milwaukee isn't fully counting on re-signing Corey Hart.

Or the Brewers are just wary about their outfield depth and see Aoki as a key player to perhaps fill a platoon role. Or the team could move Braun or Davis to first, depending on what happens the rest of the offseason. That last bit is a whole lot of conjecture, though, as the Brewers haven't publicly shown much willingness to move either player to the infield.

It's still possible that a deal could be worked out for Davis later in the offseason. The general manager meetings are happening now, with the Winter Meetings a month away, and GMs like to talk at those. The Mets have payroll space and are rumored to be in on outfielders like Curtis Granderson, Carlos Beltran and Shin-Soo Choo, all of whom are pretty clearly better than Aoki right now. New York is also looking to bring in more power to add to their lineup, which Aoki does not do.

If the Mets don't end up signing any big outfield free agents or aren't blown away by another trade offer, talks could be rekindled. For now, though, it's looking pretty unlikely.