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What we learned this week: November 16, 2013

Another light week for lessons, but we have a few. This week's lessons include more offseason rumors, an interview with Joe Block, and Gomez's place in the MVP vote.

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More rumors were flying around last week.

While the Brewers haven't made any official deals yet, the trade rumors have been coming out this week.  Three rumors were discussed this week.  Early in the week, Ryan Dempster was listed as a potential trade target for the Brewers.  They had looked into signing Dempster last offseason, so it would make some sense that the Brewers are still interested in him.  However, there isn't much more than speculation available on this right now.  It could turn into something or just remain as speculation.

Going back to last week, Noah had written a piece wondering if the Brewers and Mets could work out a trade involving Norichika Aoki and one of the Mets first basemen.  This week, we found out that the Brewers and Mets had been discussing a trade for Ike Davis.  None of the terms were revealed, but the plans didn't end up going anywhere.  For now, it looks like a trade won't happen between the two teams.

One other rumor came out this week.  The Braves are looking at starting pitching this offseason, and Kyle Lohse was named as a potential target.  It's not much more than speculation at this point, so we will have to wait and see if this one goes anywhere.

What does all of this mean?  It means that we really don't know anything about the Brewers actual plans so far.  Until something more official comes out, we will just have to wait.

We learned a little more about Joe Block.

Joe Block has been with the Brewers for two full seasons now, and he is currently in his offseason preparing for the next year.  Last week, Alec Dopp had a chance to interview Joe Block, and he posted part of the transcript of that interview on Thursday.  In the interview, Alec gets some information about how he prepares for his broadcasts, some of his history in broadcasting, and his take on some different things the Brewers face this offseason.  It's a good read if you want to know more about the Brewers play-by-play announcer.

Carlos Gomez did receive some MVP consideration from the voters.

We knew that Carlos Gomez wouldn't win the MVP award this season, but still wondered if his great season would at least get some recognition in the MVP vote.  We got an answer to that question Thursday night when the MVP vote came out and Gomez was listed ninth in the results.  He made it onto 15 of 30 ballots, receiving votes as high as fifth place.  The one odd part of the vote was that only one of the two writers for the Brewers listed him.  Despite that, it's good to see that his great season wasn't completely lost in the vote.

Minor League Notes

- Looking back to the week of November 3, morineko has the stats from the Brewers in fall leagues.
- Nashville is closing in on a new ballpark after a plan was announced by the Sounds and the city of Nashville.  It still needs approval from the Nashville City Council and Nashville Sports Authority.
- Mike Guerrero will receive the Mike Coolbaugh award, given to a minor league coach for his work ethic in the minor leagues.

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