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What we learned this week: November 2, 2013

This week's lessons include the approaching start of free agency, a new multi-award winner for the Brewers, and a look back at a Wisconsin-born player from the beginning of last century.


Remember, remember, the 5th of November
The start of free agency's clock
The season is done, rosters are now undone
It's time for the teams to restock

Free agency is approaching fast.

The World Series came to an end on Wednesday night. With that, the dominoes have started to fall leading to free agency. The Brewers three pending free agents (Corey Hart, Michael Gonzalez, and Yuniesky Betancourt) all officially became free agents, though there's still a little time to negotiate. They also made some procedural moves by reinstating Ryan Braun, activating Rickie Weeks from the 60-day DL, and picking up Norichika Aoki's contract option. Once the 5th of November arrives, all teams can start offering contracts to free agents, and that's where the big fun will begin.

While we have no say in who the Brewers sign, we can still look at the free agents and dream about what is possible. We've already started that here as we have looked at a couple of free agents. Back on Monday, Kyle took a look at pitcher Clayton Richard, if he could help the team, and what the team should pay if they offer him a contract. He then followed that up with a preview of former Brewer Chris Capuano, whose option was declined by the Dodgers on Thursday. Would either be a target for the Brewers? It's too early to say.

Of course, there's the other end of the spectrum, where there are players that will struggle to find a contract. Michael Gonzalez and Yuniesky Betancourt may end up on that side of it, though there are several other players that could end up there as well. Kyle profiled a list of twenty players that could be worse than the two worst Brewers free agents. Some of these players will probably earn some type of contract. That's all we know for now.

Early projections for the Brewers in 2014 are not looking good for the Brewers. Some of the early rumblings from the Brewers are to not expect any big moves, though it's too early to see if they will stick to it. The oddsmakers don't like the Brewers chances much more, and they are showing it with the early betting for the 2014 World Series. The first set of odds for next year's championship have put the Brewers at 50/1 to win it all. It's definitely a long shot, but more unlikely things have happened. Right now, we all have the chance to believe that the Brewers can win it all in 2014.

Carlos Gomez is now an award-winning defensive player.

Let's not forget the other big news of the week. Carlos Gomez became an award winning defensive player, and did it twice in the same week. He followed up last week's Gold Glove nomination with a Fielding Bible award win, then turned that Gold Glove nomination into an actual award. Gomez beat out incumbent Andrew McCutchen to take the award and get the Brewers their first Gold Glove winner since 1982. Hopefully it's the start of more award-winning seasons for him.

Ed Killian is Wisconsin's best November-born player.

If you've been around BCB for the past year, you've seen Chris Jensen's twelve-part season on the best players born in each month of the year. He continued that series this week with part eleven in the series, profiling Ed Killian for the month of November. He pitched in the early 1900s for several seasons, taking part in several World Series but also facing his share of trouble with the rules. Check out Chris' article for a few other players from Wisconsin born in November that also had great careers in baseball.

Minor League Notes

- Our coverage of the winter leagues began last Sunday, and morineko had the first weekly recap of action in the leagues.
- has a video profile of the players from the Brewers organization in the Arizona Fall League.

Reviewing the MVBrewers Series

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