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MLB Winter Meetings: Carlos Marmol talking to Brewers

This may not be the rumor you WANTED to start your Tuesday morning with, but it's the one we've got.

Ed Szczepanski-USA TODAY Sports

At several points this winter it's been suggested that the Brewers are seeking a veteran reliever with closing experience. Today we have a specific example of that type of pitcher...although you may not like it.

Wittenmeyer covers the Cubs for the Chicago Sun-Times.

Carlos Marmol is 31 and an eight-year MLB veteran, having pitched from 2006-13 as a member of the Cubs before being traded to the Dodgers down the stretch. He was one of baseball's best closers in 2010, accumulating 38 saves, leading all of baseball with 70 games finished and posting a 2.55 ERA. Since then, however, he's been a pretty average reliever, carrying a 3.94 ERA over the last three seasons.

Marmol is great at getting strikeouts (11.7 per nine innings for his career) but is extremely vulnerable to walks (6.1 per nine). For comparison purposes, John Axford strikes out 10.8 per nine and walks four.

For what it's worth, the Brewers have said they're putting bullpen upgrades on hold until they figure out their first base situation. If you take that at face value, then it's probably safe to assume that any conversations with Marmol were preliminary at best.