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Brew Crew Blasts #5: Francisco's Fireworks

The fifth longest homer of 2013 was a blast to rival your Fourth of July celebrations.

Tom Lynn

Juan Francisco hit 13 home runs as a Brewer in 2013, and five of them came in a span of nine games between June 25 and July 5. The biggest of those hits was the last one, which came against Zack Wheeler and the Mets.

The Brewers were already trailing 7-2 when Francisco led off the bottom of the fourth, worked a full count and did this with the 3-2 pitch:

The payoff pitch was the only certain strike Francisco saw in the at bat, but it was a great pitch to hit: It was clocked slightly below 97 mph and this is the location:



The homer was Francisco's longest as a Brewer at 433 feet, but it was only his second-longest of the season: On April 10 as a member of the Braves he hit this 459-foot blast off Alex Sanabia and the Marlins. I love that highlight, if only because Braves announcer Chip Caray exclaims "That one's got a chance!" a split second before the ball caroms off the upper deck in one of baseball's largest stadiums. It was the second longest homer hit at Marlins Park in 2013.

Brew Crew Blasts is a multi-part series looking at the longest and most notable home runs hit by Brewers in 2013. You can see them all in their special section, or follow the links below to their individual posts:

Rank Date Player Distance Post
10t July 1 Juan Francisco 428 feet Post
10t May 14 Jean Segura 428 feet Post
9 September 25 Carlos Gomez 429 feet Post
8 May 31 Jonathan Lucroy 429 feet Post
7 May 15 Rickie Weeks 430 feet Post
6 August 27 Aramis Ramirez 432 feet Post