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Brew Crew Blasts #3: Lucroy Launches

Oh hey, it's Paul Maholm again.


Paul Maholm allowed 17 home runs this season, and five of them traveled 420 feet or more. We already mentioned that Carlos Gomez had one of them, and Jonathan Lucroy had another.

The Brewers fell behind 6-0 early against the Braves on Sunday, June 23, but plated four runs in the fifth to close the gap. Logan Schafer drove home the first two runs with a single up the middle, and Jonathan Lucroy brought him around to score with this tape measure blast:

By the way, the Brewers were wearing their "Piwowarzy" uniforms on this day for Polish Heritage Day.

That ball traveled 436 feet despite never being more than 83 feet off the ground, leading Hit Tracker to estimate that it wouldn't have gotten out of four MLB stadiums. It was still the longest homer hit by a Brewer at Miller Park in 2013, though, and the fourth longest hit in the park overall.

It was also Lucroy's second longest homer of the season. We'll cover the bigger one tomorrow.

Brew Crew Blasts is a multi-part series looking at the longest and most notable home runs hit by Brewers in 2013. You can see them all in their special section, or follow the links below to their individual posts:

Rank Date Player Distance Post
10t July 1 Juan Francisco 428 feet Post
10t May 14 Jean Segura 428 feet Post
9 September 25 Carlos Gomez 429 feet Post
8 May 31 Jonathan Lucroy 429 feet Post
7 May 15 Rickie Weeks 430 feet Post
6 August 27 Aramis Ramirez 432 feet Post
5 July 5 Juan Francisco 433 feet Post
4 August 15 Khris Davis 434 feet Post