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Happy birthday, Rickey Henderson

The Hall of Famer and longtime Brewers nemesis turns 54 today.

Richard Mackson-US PRESSWIRE

For much of the world today is Christmas, perhaps the year's most festive holiday. BCB is largely off today while we enjoy this day. If you need another reason to celebrate today, though, here you go: It's Rickey Henderson's birthday.

Henderson was never a Brewer, but he spent almost a full season playing against them: Henderson appeared in 158 games against Milwaukee and made 682 plate appearances, the 26th most by an opposing player in franchise history.

Henderson faced the Brewers at least one time every season from 1979-95 as a member of the A's, Yankees or Blue Jays. He collected 87 of his MLB record 1406 stolen bases against them, including four in a single game on four different occasions. Consider that for a moment. No Brewer has ever stolen more than four bases in a game. Henderson stole four bases against the Brewers four different times.

One of those games was August 27, 1982. Henderson went 0-for-1 in that game but drew three walks, stole the aforementioned four bases and scored two runs. The Brewers came from behind for a 5-4 victory on that day.

Overall, the Brewers actually did a reasonably good job of keeping Henderson in check. His .268/.376/.401 batting line against Milwaukee is 44 points below his career OPS of .820. Nonetheless, he's one of the greatest players ever to face the Brewers. And he turns 54 today.