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The Thursday Thinker: Doing some post-holiday shopping

Can you remember which top 50 free agents have signed with new teams?

Denny Medley-USA TODAY Sports

Today is one of the year's busiest shopping days as stores reopen following the Christmas holiday. You probably won't see Doug Melvin outside any of those stores, but he is likely going to hit the market sometime between now and spring training.

A fair number of players, however, have already found new homes. 34 of MLB Trade Rumors' top 50 free agents have already signed a contract for 2014. How many of their teams can you name in ten minutes?

If the quiz isn't displaying correctly for you here or you'd simply prefer to take it over there, follow this link to play the quiz at

Please post your score in the comments below, but also remember that comments on this post may contain spoilers. If you get all 50 answers correct, post your time along with your score in the comments.

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Have fun, and don't forget to post your score in the comments!