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Brew Crew Blasts #9: The Carlos Gomez Incident

Arguably 2013's most memorable moment was also the Brewers' ninth longest home run.

Scott Cunningham

You may not remember most of the home runs on this list, but odds are you'll have no problem recalling this one.

The Brewers were wrapping up a series with the Braves in Atlanta on September 25 when Carlos Gomez came to the plate in the first inning and hit a long solo home run off Paul Maholm. Brian McCann, Freddie Freeman and the Fun Police took it from there:

That homer traveled 429 feet, and was tied for the ninth longest homer hit at Turner Field in 2013. It was the 23rd of a career-high 24 home runs for Gomez, and easily the longest any Brewer hit in September.

It was also the only 2013 Brewers home run that led to suspensions. Gomez was suspended for a game and so was Braves outfielder Reed Johnson of "flying leap into the pile" fame. Brian McCann, stunningly, was not suspended for escalating the incident by blocking home plate and causing a confrontation.

Brew Crew Blasts is a multi-part series looking at the longest and most notable home runs hit by Brewers in 2013. You can see them all in their special section, or follow the links below to their individual posts:

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