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For Entertainment Purposes Only: Vegas Sets Brewers Over/Under At 79.5 Wins

Apparently they're down on this team too.

David Becker

The Brewers have spent a lot of time over the last few months talking up their ability to win with a significantly decreased payroll and a significantly inexperienced starting rotation, but Vegas isn't buying it.

View From Vegas has the 2013 over/under marks from The Atlantis, and they've opened betting with 79.5 wins as the line for the Brewers. (h/t Baseball Musings) That's less than the lines for the Reds (88.5) and Cardinals (85.5), but slightly ahead of the Pirates (79) and well more than the Cubs (72).

Overall, the leaders are the Tigers, Dodgers and Nationals who each have been pegged for 90 wins. Meanwhile, Vegas is predicting another 100 loss season for the Astros (over/under 59.5 wins) and near misses for the Marlins and Twins, who each opened betting at 64.5 wins.

The Brewers won 83 games a year ago and have won 80 or more in five of the last six years. Before that, though, they only reached that mark twice from 1993-2006.