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Ryan Braun Biogenesis Link: ESPN Uncovers Another Document, Cites Anonymous Sources, Jumps To Conclusions

So now we're back around to this: Outside The Lines jumping to conclusions and reporting irresponsibly.


The Ryan Braun Biogenesis story may not be behind us after all.

ESPN's Outside The Lines is reporting they've found another document, handwritten by Anthony Bosch from April, and it shows Ryan Braun's name next to a plus sign and $1500. They're citing "a source familiar with the documents" as saying the list is for players who received PEDs from Bosch, and there is "no other reason to be on that paper."

Previous documents from Bosch had suggested Braun owed him $20-30,000 for legal advice during his 2012 appeal of his 50-game suspension for a questionable positive test. Braun's attorneys said Bosch's value as a consultant was negligible and did not immediately pay him because of a dispute over the price.

Martin Singer, an attorney who represents Braun, said this in response to these allegations:

"My client confirmed last week that there was an alleged claim for money owed to Mr. Bosch because he had been used as a consultant by my client's attorneys in his successful appeal with MLB last year. Several witnesses can corroborate how Mr. Bosch requested over thousands of dollars for his consulting with my client's attorneys last year. My client has no relationship with Tony Bosch, and the only relationship Mr. Bosch had was with my client's attorneys as a consultant."

This is, of course, the second time ESPN has weighed in on Braun without actually finding proof of wrongdoing. They were the first to leak news on what was supposed to be a confidential appeal process for Braun last winter. Singer threatened to sue ESPN for running this report.

Braun reported to Brewer camp today to start spring training, but did not comment on Biogenesis specifically or this report.