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2013 MLB Vegas Odds: Bovada Sets Brewers' Over/Under At 81.5 Wins

That's still not very good, but it beats last week's 79.5.

Jonathan Ferrey

Last week we reported that The Atlantis had set the over/under for the Brewers' 2013 win total at 79.5 wins. Apparently the Brewers have gotten two games better since then, because today Bovada has the Brewers' line at 81.5 victories. It's a little disappointing that the Brewers needed a two-win bump just to get back above a .500 projection, but that's where we are.

If Bovada determined the final NL standings, here's what the Central would look like:

Team W L GB
Reds 91.5 70.5 --
Cardinals 85.5 76.5 6
Brewers 81.5 80.5 10
Pirates 77.5 84.5 14
Cubs 72.5 89.5 19

The other NL division winners would be the Nationals (92.5 wins) and Dodgers (91.5 wins), with the Braves (88.5 wins) claiming the first Wild Card and the Giants (87.5) taking the second. The AL playoff teams would be the Yankees, Tigers, Angels and Blue Jays. The Rays and Rangers would tie for the final wild card at 87.5 wins.

Elsewhere in betting, Bovada has given the Brewers an 18:1 shot to win the NL pennant and 40:1 odds to win the World Series. They're ahead of both the Pirates (25:1 and 50:1) and Cubs (40:1 and 75:1) in those fields, but behind the Reds (6:1 and 14:1) and Cardinals (9:1 and 20:1).