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Report Links Ryan Braun To Biogenesis Clinic, Scandal

Moments after we talked about how Ryan Braun was having a quiet offseason, now he's not.


Tim Brown and Jeff Passan of Yahoo have another story today on the Miami "Biogenesis" clinic suspected of distributing performance enhancing drugs to major leaguers including Alex Rodriguez, and today for the first time Ryan Braun's name has come up.

Here's the paragraph that sums up both what we know and don't know at this point:

Three of the Biogenesis clinic records obtained by Yahoo! Sports show Braun's name. Unlike the players named by the Miami New Times in its report that blew open the Biogenesis case, Braun's name is not listed next to any specific PEDs.

Braun, Yankees catcher Francisco Cervelli and Orioles third baseman Danny Valencia are the names on this list that we haven't heard before. Yahoo says "The record matches a document the New Times posted with Braun's name redacted and Cervelli and Valencia's cut off."

An MLB investigation continues, of course, and the players involved in the investigation to this point have all denied both any wrongdoing or involvement with this clinic.

I guess all we can say at this point is "we'll keep you posted."