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Brewers A-Z: Rick Cerone

Better remembered as a Yankee, he was the Brewers' primary catcher in 1986.

Cerone's 1987 Fleer card, #340
Cerone's 1987 Fleer card, #340
Author's personal collection.

If you can wear a catcher's mitt and use it reasonably well, you can play in the majors for quite some time. Just ask Rick Cerone.

Cerone played 1329 games as a member of eight teams over 18 major league seasons from 1975-92 despite hitting more than seven home runs just one time and posting a .301 career on base percentage. His best year was 1980, when he batted .277/.321/.432 with 14 home runs for the Yankees and finished seventh in the AL MVP voting.

That year was far behind Cerone, though, when he came to Milwaukee in the March, 1986 deal that sent veteran backstop Ted Simmons to the Braves. Cerone caught 68 games for the Crew that year, posting a .259/.304/.380 batting line. That was enough to get him a 1987 Fleer card, #340:


By the time that card had been printed, though, Cerone had moved on: He signed as a free agent with the Yankees in February of 1987.

After his career was over, Cerone was the founder of the independent league Newark Bears in 1998. He sold the team in 2003.

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