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Ryan Braun Biogenesis Link: Bosch "Not Officially Listed As An Expert Or Consultant" In 2012 Appeal

Braun has previously claimed he appeared on leaked Biogenesis documents because his lawyers sought analysis from Bosch.

Last night Ryan Braun released a statement on his inclusion in a Yahoo Sports report linking several players to the now-infamous Biogenesis clinic run by Tony Bosch, who is accused of distributing performance enhancing drugs to several major leaguers. In his statement, Braun said that he was listed as owing money to Bosch because his legal team used him as a consultant during last spring's appeal of his 50 game suspension.

If Bosch was used as a consultant, though, it appears he was used in an unofficial capacity. This morning the New York Daily News has a report on the story, including this sentence:

"One source familiar with Braun’s appeal said Bosch was not officially listed as an expert or consultant in the case."

This doesn't prove that Braun and/or his legal team didn't consult Bosch, of course, but it does suggest that there may not be any official record of them doing so.