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Ryan Braun's Name Was Redacted From Original Biogenesis Report Due To "An Abundance Of Caution"

It's worth remembering that Ryan Braun's name was redacted from last week's Miami New Times report before being revealed in yesterday's Yahoo report.

Via Adam McCalvy of, here's Chuck Strouse of the New Times on why they didn't mention Braun:

Simple: An abundance of caution.

As Yahoo! notes, the records do not clearly associate either Braun, [Francisco] Cervelli or a third player who this morning denied all ties with Bosch (Orioles third baseman Danny Valencia) with use of supplements. Yahoo! apparently obtained copies of just these page of Bosch's notebooks independently of New Times.

The players listed in New Times investigation either clearly appear multiple times in Bosch's records (like Alex Rodriguez), or had evidence in the recent past of PED use, like Bartolo Colon, who was suspended 50 games last year.

The award for "best explanation of the difference between Yahoo and the New Times" this morning goes to Alex Tomter, who tweeted this last night: