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If You Believe, Then Put This Fan In The Cave

Friend of the site Kevin Kimmes stopped by today to give you four reasons to vote for him for the MLB Fan Cave.

EDITOR'S NOTE: What follows is a guest post from friend of the site and MLB Fan Cave finalist Kevin Kimmes. Take a look, then go vote for him to make the next cut here. - KL

Dreams. We all have them. What we do with those dreams is often what sets us apart from one another. While some are content to just talk about what they wish they could do, others use steely eyed determination to stare down the 4-seamer that is their dream and bash that thing out of the park and in the process turn it into their own personal reality.

I am one of those dreamers.

This year, I have the opportunity to not only fulfill my own dream, but that of most red-blooded baseball fans, watching every game of the 2013 season as a member of the MLB Fan Cave. Never heard of it? Well, allow me to fill you in on the details.

Since 2011, the MLB Fan Cave has been making baseball fans' dreams come true. Run out of the MLB's 4th and Broadway location in New York City's Greenwich Village, the Fan Cave offers a lucky few each year the opportunity to interact with players (past and present), celebrities, musical acts and even you, the fans.

So what will it take to get me there? First and foremost, your votes. From now through 5 pm on February 13th, I need all of you to click the button found here. Clicking it once is great. More than once? Even better. Hammering this thing into oblivion? Now we're talking.

After the 13th, the MLB will review the votes as well as other campaign efforts (such as this created by the 52 of us currently in the running and streamline that crop down to 30. This is where the fun begins.

The 30 will each receive an invite to Spring Training where they will compete in a series of challenges which will determine who the final Cave Dwellers will be for 2013.

So, in closing, why do I deserve to be there? Here's 4 reasons:

  1. I eat, sleep, dream and breathe baseball. No seriously, I can't tell you how many times I've had the dream where I'm snatching up homers in the outfield bleachers at Miller Park. The closest I've come to this is getting a foul ball that landed near me on the Leinenkugel's deck at a Bullfrogs game. Not quite the same.
  2. I most closely resemble my teams mascot. My mustache is a parting gift for being part of John Axford's Movember team this past November and has gained me several votes on its own. I'm also assuming that the guy who looked like Mr. Met may have tested poorly, thus not making the first round of cuts. Seriously, why was his face stitched together like that?
  3. I still collect baseball cards and would respectfully represent collectors world wide. The baseball card is one of the time tested symbols of Americana and is something that can unite fans of even rival clubs. Why not allow me to do just that as I climb my way to representing baseball fans everywhere as the Ultimate Cave Dweller.
  4. I actually own multiple pieces of County Stadium. Ok, by multiple, I mean 2, but facts are facts. Only a diehard would own a seat and brick from their teams former ballpark, and find a way to convince his wife to let him display it for everyone to see.

Kevin Kimmes is a MLB Fan Cave 2013 finalist, Friend of Brew Crew Ball, and a regular contributor to Kevin can be found on Twitter at @kevinkimmes.