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Brewers 3, Rangers 12: Nothing Working

Everything stunk. Everybody stunk. Not everybody. Khris Davis was wonderful cheering on the team from the bench.


Win: Alexi Ogando
Loss: Mark Rogers

HR: Baker (1), Olt (2)

Box Score

Mark Rogers is really not helping his case for a roster spot this spring. The right hander, who has had control issues all his career, has not shown any improvement in that category over three appearances. Today was his worst outing yet, lasting just 1.1 innings. That's not a short outing because it's spring training and he's not stretched out yet. This is the kind of performance where a pitcher would get pulled that early in just about any game.

Rogers ended up with six runs against him, though only three were earned. He gave up three hits and, worse, four walks while striking out just one batter. The Brewers defense didn't do him any favors, but when people talk about "make or break" games, this was one that appears to be a break. Rogers is competing for a rotation spot and, really, a roster spot in general with the big league team. He hasn't played like he deserves a spot, however. He now has given up 10 walks in six innings during spring. Super small sample size, of course, but that's what the Brewers have to work with. Other guys are playing better, and this game will likely wreck Rogers' chances of, at the very least, a rotation spot.

Another hopeful part of the Brewers future also played poorly today. The Brewers had three errors as a team, and two of them came from Hunter Morris. Both were fielding errors. Morris was drafted by Milwaukee with known defensive issues, but scouting reports say he is getting much better in that category. This was draft-era Morris, today. He didn't do anything at the plate today, either, going 0-3 with a strikeout.

No Brewers player was particularly impressive today. Sean Halton drove in all three Brewers runs in the ninth inning with a double to left field. No Brewer had a multi-hit game. The only other hitter of note was Logan Schafer, who had Milwaukee's only other extra base hit, also a double.

Alfredo Figaro gave up two earned runs in 1.2 innings on three hits and two walks. Tom Gorzelanny struggled. Travis Webb struggled. But Josh Stinson pitched a clean inning!

Who knows, maybe it was just one of those days where nothing goes right. Maybe the Rangers bats were just that good today. Maybe the Brewers had a late night gossiping about girls and what they're going to do tomorrow. Maybe I'm assuming spring training camp is just like summer camp.

The Brewers get a late game tomorrow, playing the Diamondbacks at 9:10 central time. What is that all about? It's spring training, there aren't night games!