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Indians 4, Brewers 2

The Cleveland Indians defeated the Milwaukee Brewers in a very exciting game of base ball.


W: Gil, 2-1

L: Figaro, 0-1

S: Barnes, 1

The Brewers lost today and you know it was a real thriller when our top news of the game involves an injury to a person who did not actually play. Home plate umpire Patrick Mahoney was hit in the head on the follow-through of a swing by Mark Reynolds. Fortunately he is fine, but was removed from the game as a precaution.

Marco Estrada started today and was probably working on some things, which is what pitchers tend to say in the spring when they do not pitch particularly well. He walked 3 and gave up 3 hits before being pulled at his pitch count limit in the third inning. He gave up 1 earned run and was pulled out of some damage by Mike Gonzalez in the third, who came in and got a double play as he settles into his role as the partial-inning guy out of the pen. He was the only one of 5 Brewers pitchers on the day to not be charged with an earned run.

Tom Gorzellany threw 2 and 1/3 innings out of the pen today, leading Brian Anderson to speculate during the broadcast that the Brewers were stretching him out to look at him in a starting role. I think he is wrong, it is likely that they just want him to be the last man out of the pen and it cannot hurt to have a pitcher who is capable of throwing more than an inning or two at a time. Next came Alfredo Figaro, who likely did not help his chances of making the team by giving up 3 hits and 2 walks out of 5 batters faced. Michael Olmsted pitched the 8th and hit one batter and gave up a run-scoring hit.

It was a weak day for the offense, who only had two extra base hits-- doubles from Rickie Weeks and Blake Lalli. Lalli went 2-3, as did Jean Segura. Khris Davis update: 1 walk in a pinch-hit appearance. The runs came on Lalli's double and Logan Schafer scoring on a wild pitch by Ubaldo Jimenez. Schafer went 1-4 in left, and Ryan Braun may unseat him from the starting spot at that position tomorrow.

14 days, everybody!