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2013 Vegas Odds: Bovada lists Ryan Braun as second-most likely NL MVP

He's one of three Brewers in the top 30.

Jennifer Stewart

Courtesy of Bovada, today we have updated Vegas odds for the 2013 NL MVP. Here's the first five:

Player Team Odds
Joey Votto Reds 15:2
Ryan Braun Brewers 9:1
Bryce Harper Nationals 10:1
Matt Kemp Dodgers 10:1
Buster Posey Giants 12:1

Further down the list the Brewers also have Aramis Ramirez at 25:1 and Rickie Weeks at 33:1.

If this list is any indication, Yovani Gallardo is the Brewers' only potential candidate for the NL Cy Young: He's tied for the 12th-most likely at 25:1. He's a few spots behind former Brewer Zack Greinke at 15:1.

Bovada also gives Braun 18:1 odds to lead all of baseball in home runs in 2013, tying him for the eighth most likely. He led the National League but was tied for fifth in MLB last season with 41. Aramis Ramirez, who hasn't hit 30 home runs in a season since 2006, is also on that list at 50:1.