Call your meme man. (Updated Meme List)

Ever wonder why there are so many posts about cinnamon and other spices? What's great tasting chicken? What is the correct spelling of Ishikawa? Then this is the post for you, and you should read on!

Welcome to the second installment of the BCB memes, jargon, and inside jokes, just in time to prepare yourselves for the start of the 2013 season. Let's start with the recap. This year I led the first-ever BCB Inside Jokes awards. The inside joke of the year was, as I like to call it, The Curious Spelling of Travis Ishikawa. A newcomer to 2012, this joke got quite a few laughs on account of its pure absurdity. We then crowned a Rookie joke of the year, from which I excluded Ishikawa, and the end result was that people were grateful to have Thank You For Your Insight as a handy tool to sarcastically dispense with trolls. I had promised to run voting for an Unsung Hero award, but I didn't because, well, why do you care. But I run this racket, so I'm going to award it to TPOT. Our friend Francisco Rodriguez, who had once borne the nickname of "K-Rod", lost all rights to that nickname with his performance last year, so instead we called him Twenty/Thirty Pitches of Terror.

Which brings us to 2013. I'll start you off with the jokes that have been born since the last update to the document (but since the search feature of the new SBNation is awful, I may not have all the origin stories), so AWAY WE GO.

The premus of triples (Original Article)

This single article is responsible for a great blossoming of inside jokes and memes over the last year. Well, not so much the article, as the comments on the article. Go back and re-read it. It's classic.

Aramis Ramirez should hit more triples – A jab at Aramis Ramirez's speed and lack of triples which is thoroughly baseless. Spoken in sarcasm any more, it originated with the article linked above, which asks how many doubles Ramirez would have accumulated if he were capable of making it to third base.

you should take this down before more people see this – Failing to grasp that the takeaway of the "articule" was not meant to be a devaluation of Ramirez value, one friendly poster suggested that Kyle .

the premus of thsi post is all rwong – Although the commenter's actual words were spelled better than this when he made this particular statement, the general appearance and flow of his posts led to this line becoming a new inside joke.

40% of Ramirez value came in the last 2 months– Backtocali used this as a slam on Ramirez, having fallen for a basic statistical trap. See, the baseball season is roughly 6 months long, and so this doesn't mean much more than that his production was evenly distributed. BtC original comment.

Better Than Yuni (BTY) – Used either as an abbereviation to state the simple fact that someone would be better than Yuni at shortstop, OR as a stastistic, to measure how much better. But the units and scale are arbitrary. First mention I can find.

That's With Soy Sauce (TWSS) – Another redefined abbreviation. First mention I can find.

We should trade Lucroy for Wade Davis – A "friendly" Rays fan came to our board and asked us if we would consider trading Lucroy for Wade Davis. He proceeded to tell us how bad Lucroy is, arguing that all of our arguments for valuing him were wrong, and that we would be better served with Davis (recently moved to the bullpen) to shore up our rotation. He finally was revealed to be a classic "I'm just here to talk baseball!" troll, and was banned. But not before he could provide us with a handy new inside joke. Original Thread.

Fortunately for LosinCatmansLove, he's no longer around here much any more. My research into this inside joke led to my discover of this comment from 2010 where he suggests the Brewers trade Braun for Hellickson and Davis. Good thing Melvin didn't follow his advice.

We need 5 catchers (if Maldonado plays 1B) – In a discussion of whether Maldonado might be the best fill in for first base in Hart and Gamel's absence, chris33 argued that we would need a third catcher, because what would happen if Lucroy got injured? Then Maldonado would have to move from 1B to C, and that's just not acceptable. We'd need a catcher on the bench so Maldonado could stay at 1B. Moving position in a game is too hard. Originally it was just 3 catchers, but hyperbole won out and now we've decided that 5 catchers will need to be on the 25 man roster.

And here's all the old stuff. Brush up on it before the season. You're going to need it.

Old Vegas (abbr. OV)– The Milwaukee Journal Sentinel comment pages. Filled with crazy opinions and vicious personal attacks between posters. Originated here.

9 LaPortas – When LaPorta was a prized prospect, someone mentioned making a hypothetical team of "9 LaPortas", one for each position. Originated by battlekow.
This link points to a thread where it is further explained.

Kendall Unit of Grit (KUG) – A measure of a player's Grittiness.

Has he ever hit a grand slam? – Most frequently used in reference to Prince Fielder. It took him a while to get his first grand slam, so every time he came to bat with the bases loaded the announcers would bring it up in some form.

BSOHL – Abbreviation for "Best Shape Of His Life", the ubiquitous spring training journalists story.

Meat Man – The man who sells you meat and sausages. References this fan post from 2010 suggesting the five steps Brewers fans must take to be ready for the season to start. Link

Ken Macha – Hates Hungarians and Tony Curtis, Loves Perkins, Looks like the Keebler elf

Now that's great tasting chicken! - Originally the catchphrase of a Brakebush Chicken advertisent, Kyle began to use it as a home run call. Variations are frequently made to suit the player or the opponent, with jokes frequently made about Corey Hart being a caveman, or the more recent Khris Davis home run call of "great tasting khicken".

WOW~! - An expression of surprise. Originated on the evil BCB as the first comment when Zambrano was demoted to the bullpen. Received 12 recs.

The BUCKS Debacle

BUCKS was a high schooler who came to chat after a Brewers loss. He believe that ERA and wins were the best measures of pitching skill, errors/fielding percentage the best measures of fielding ability, and AVG and HR the best measures of hitting ability. Argued relentlessly from this viewpoint.

ROFLCOPTER – An expression of laughter, derision, disbelief, etc.

LOLLERSKATES - An expression of laughter, derision, disbelief, etc.

RIDE BIKES~! - A combination of the WOW~! and the original comment of "Wanna RIDE BIKES?" used to reference the immaturity of BUCKS.

The Frosty Mug from the next day was also a classic.

The Deity – Nickname for Craig Counsell. Was listed as his position in the left bar. Unsure of origin.

Orange slices and capri sun – A reference to Craig Counsell's youthful appearance and energy.

Rally lobster – A picture of Kyle's Dachshund "Gorman" wearing a lobster costume. Intended to start rallies and help the Brewers win.

Bunson Honeydew – Image of the Muppets scientist, used to kill rallies of opposing teams.

Math is on our side – Yostism. "We still have four games left and we're two out," Yost said. "The math is on our side." Used to sarcastically comment that there is some mathematical probability of success, but in reality we all know it's not a very good probability.

Run-scorer. You have no concept. - References to a post-game quote by Ned Yost.

"That's not a weird stat. Rickie is a run-scorer," Yost said. "It doesn't matter. It doesn't matter," Yost told reporters. "See, you guys have no concept. He's a run-scorer. So there's nothing weird about it. That's what he does."

KittenMittons (verb) - to be lazy or half-assed at something. Originated when user KittenMittons joined the BCB Fantasy Baseball league, and by midway through the year had half his lineup on the DL and never logged back in to manage his team. (Couldn't find link to origin, but didn't look for long).

UPDATE: I decided to do something that KittenMittons would never do, and apply myself...and I found it! Hyatt called upon BCB to crowd-source a just and fair punishment for his desertion. The Scottish genius MrLeam suggested this brilliant punishment HERE.

Hyatt (verb) - to punch someone on the crotch. Originated when Hyatt kept talking about punching people in the crotch. He got the idea from Scrubs, where Jordan says "If you say 'I don't know,' I'll show you what I learned last week in my crotch-punching class." The Scrubs character Randall was also renowned for crotch punching. (First usage link unavailable)

Don be a dick - Used to call someone out for dickish behavior. Originated in a typo. Continued when Don Money said some dickish things about Mat Gamel.

Hello, I am a bear. - Russian misinterpretation of "Beast Mode." Likely comes from the visual similarity to the popular Russian meme "Preved Medved" which means "Hello Bear". Link

Mr. Golden Hands – Russian "misunderstanding" of Yuniesky Betancourt's defensive abilities. Link

Pan of Lasagna – Number 33 on the list of better shortstops than Yuniesky Betancourt. Originated with a nullacct post .

Pee-flavored cheerios – A Backtocali post telling us why the Brewers weren't good enough to win more than 85 games in 2011. The Brewers won 96, but the phrase has stuck around.

fortunate, but also lucky/ "fortunalucky" – A Backtocali post on another board (which one?) claimed that the Brewers had received more wins than was predicted, and thus were "fortunate, but also lucky."

Kenneth Lofton – An ironic reference to Kenny Lofton. Unsure of origin.

BCB Commenter's Union – Founded by ecocd in 2011. Unsure of the rest of the story.

Can he play shortstop? - A phrase used when any person (or often thing) is mentioned, because he/she/it could not be worse than Yuniesky Betancourt. Example usage.

BCBCU Bylaw:

In the event that the Brewers acquire anyone or anything in a trade, it shall be noted on the message boards some form of the comment, "Can he/she/it play SS?"

Grillax – A quote from a Klement's sausage commercial that played without end during Spring Training 2011. Usually used to tell someone to "relax". However, it became so overplayed that it almost always got a "That's a paddlin" in response.

That's a paddlin – As a punishment for doing anything against the BCB posting guide, or for doing/saying something deemed inappropriate. Occasionally used in the original sense of extreme control. Comes from the Simpsons, when the teacher's went on strike and old man Jasper stepped in to substitute.



First use

Written in the stars – A song played during (seemingly) every commercial break during the 2011 playoff run. Refers to something being "fate", but is typically used with heavy sarcasm.

Neuticles - Fake testicles for dogs who have been neutered.

Plunk Signal – An image of Miller Park with a projection of Prince Fielder getting hit by a pitch. Used after any HBP to signal "Plunkeveryone" to come tell us fascinating statistics about that plunk.

Caveman, arm-face – Nicknames for Corey Hart, whose long hair and unkempt look make him seem like a caveman. He has many tatttoos, including a face on his arm.

Sunglasses at Night – A reference to the song by a different Corey Hart. Usually referenced when Corey has failed to track a ball in the outfield, or swung and missed badly.

BMIRs – Badger Mutual Insurance Runs. Badger Mutual Insurance made an advertising agreement to get air time, so any run scored in the latter part of the game with the Brewers leading, normally called just an "Insurance Run", is now called "BMIR".

Braddock's sleep issues – Went on the disabled list with sleeping issues. We sometimes still joke about this.

Towel-pillow – Spring Training 2010, Jeff Suppan didn't have a pillow, so he slept with his head on a towel. This ended up sending him to the DL with neck issues. Usually referenced in the hopes that some player might be injured and unable to hurt the team with his horrible play.

Tickled one – Nyjer Morgan said of one of his game winning hits that he "tickled it out there."

Plushdamentals – Invented by the fake Tony Plush twitter account, this word represents playing baseball the Tony Plush way...things such as hitting triples.

Fat Elvis – Nickname for Lance Berkman

blas4mod – ???

I am not birthday – An Elvis impersonator was brought in to sing "Happy Birthday" to Takashi Saito on a day that was not his birthday. In his limited English, he could only object "I am not birthday!"

Cameron Garfield – When the BCB prospect ranking poll reached the 17th and final spot, some unknown individual spammed the board and voted hundreds of times for Cameron Garfield, a minor league catcher. This also led to jokes about the "prestigious 17th prospect spot".
The voting for Number 17.
The next morning's Frosty Mug.

Sarcasm font – Created by putting the @ symbol on both sides of text, it is used to convey sarcasm.

Oooo, a sarcasm detector.  Now THAT is a useful machine......

MOCK - A response to anyone who talks about fantasy baseball outside of the specified Fantasy threads.

Thanks for your insight - The canned response we should all give to anyone who comes trolling.

Pink Eye - A disease with symptoms of conjunctivitis and ocular itching. Caused by watching NBA basketball.

BEARDEDJEFF - A verb meaning "to jinx the Brewers." When it was announced that Adam Wainwright would be missing all of the 2011 season for Tommy John surgery, the board was generally sticking to "it's a shame for baseball." BEARDEDJEFF however expressed unabashed joy that the rivals had lost a star player. When Greinke injured himself playing basketball, it was blamed on BEARDEDJEFF.

Take a walk. Do some drugs. - A phrase to tell someone they should lighten up and live a little. Originated by Fatter than Joey, twice. Although originally one sentence, it has been adapted to be the two sentences by other users since it was coined.

Prognostikegger - The Official BCB prediction contest managed by JP, where there is nothing at stake and no threat, beyond the shame of defeat. Frequently shows up in game threads in the form of "I prognostikegged that." The name originates from a contest to select the name of the feature.

Band names - We have had frequent discussions of what would make a good band name. Occasionally when we hear a new one, we post about it. Here's an example.

The Deputy - A nickname for Ryan Braun. Aafter he called out Brewers pitchers for not doing their job, Doug Melvin, in his frustration, said "I’ll be glad to have Ryan help if he wants to. I’ll give him a badge and he can be my deputy." Link

Quevedo Day/Quevedo Run - Quevedo day is the September 28th memorialization of Ruben Quevedo's last day as a Brewer. This link contains the memories, and a retelling of the Quevedo Mile run.

Angry Birds - A nickname for the St. Louis Cardinals, after Tony LaRussa complained that the Brewers were changing the brightness of the ribbon board.

Tim Dillard hasn't pitched in a while - Each game preview features a summary of available bullpen pitchers and days since they last pitched. He frequently would go days or weeks between appearances, and so jokes ensued. For instance, Dillard pitched June 29th, then sat 18 games (I think he was sent to AAA) before appearing on July 18th, then sat another 17 before appearing on August 5th.

Tim Dillard has yet to pitch since being called up.
It's entirely possible Tim Dillard doesn't really exist.
Tim Dillard is still around here somewhere.
Tim Dillard is just about done with that book he brought along on the plane from Nashville.
Tim Dillard is almost done carving a life-sized squirrel out of one of George Kottaras' bats.
Tim Dillard is encased in Snow White's glass box, marked with "Break in Case of Emergencies" or something.Photoshopped
Brandon Boggs' invisibility coat wore off a bit last night and Tim Dillard is worried his might do the same today.
Tim Dillard last pitched eleven days ago, when he picked up the win for the Sounds
Tim Dillard has had plenty of time to read all about Danny Ray Herrera.
Tim Dillard might not even have been on the team plane.
Tim Dillard pitched two innings (24 pitches) last night, and only works on Mondays.
Tim Dillard Exists.
Tim Dillard has this really great Harry Caray impersonation he'd like to show you.
Tim Dillard has had time to listen to the new TMBG album several times by now.
Tim Dillard exists. Or he thinks he does. Lately, he's had a lot of time to ponder whether "I think, therefore I am" is correct.
Tim Dillard probably found Waldo by now.
Tim Dillard has not pitched since last Monday.
Tim Dillard could've been replaced by a cardboard cutout and we'd never know.
Tim Dillard? Does he even go here?
Tim Dillard didn't even have time to develop an Eric Farris impression.
Tim Dillard is a practical joke being played on fans by the Brewers front office. He doesn't actually exist.
Tim Dillard hasn't pitched in so long, that I don't know if any jokes for his absence exist anymore.
Tim Dillard has one of those jobs where all you have to do is show up and sit around until someone tells you to go home.
Tim Dillard is learning the meaning of the word "fortnight."
Tim Dillard is writing, producing and directing a new live action TMNT movie...all in the bullpen.
Tim Dillard is helping Mrs. Stetter meet Nick Carter.
Tim Dillard came out of an apparent retirement to throw one inning (9 pitches) last night. See you in September, Tim!
Tim Dillard doesn't think you know the meaning of "lonely."
Tim Dillard left his knitting basket in Houston and is pretty upset about it.
Tim Dillard might get to pitch if the two teams decide to play a third game today.

First Action Figure Reference
Second Action Figure Reference

Who? - A common response to someone talking about the "25th man" on the Brewers roster when that individual hasn't appeared in a game for weeks. Related to the Tim Dillard joke.

AXL CLOSE - A phrase associated with John Axford coming in for a save, or for actually recording the save. Combination of the name of Guns 'n Roses guitarist Axl Rose and John Axford's job...closing.

Dave Kerwin - An invention of Jason Kendall, he is the non-existent 2009 pitching coach of the Pittsburgh Pirates (actual pitching coach at the time was Joe Kerrigan). Jason Kendall was hit by a pitch on July 20, 2009, and said the decision was made my Dave Kerwin. He is now a villain, purportedly responsible for any and all bad blood between the Brewers and Pirates to this day. I believe the original Kendall quote was "I won't take no guff from Dave Kerwin."

If I Removed Cinnamon - An alternative interpretation of the abbreviation IIRC, which actually means "If I Recall Correctly". Originally appeared here, and used effectively here.

Also, cheese. - It’s been used in response to particularly exhaustive comments in an effort to lighten the mood or to deflate a particularly self-righteous argument, or tacked on to a list of likes and don’t likes, or when discussions regarding preferred concession stands or dishes. It’s not always an easy comment to work in. Originally appeared here.

Buying a house with your Recs - Recs are treasured around here. So much so, that we occasionally like to claim that they have real monetary value. The most frequent application is to the purchase of a house. Example.

Running through the forest - When one shows up late to a game thread, there is a decision to be could read all of the prior comments one by one, thus remaining uninvolved in current conversations, or hit CTRL+A to mark everything as read and join in with everyone else. Another alternative is referred to as "running through the forest", which involves holding down the Z key, "Z-scrolling" through all existing posts, thus allowing one to catch up with the game thread. It gets its name from the speed at which comments scroll by, as if seeing trees while speeding through a forest.

Sack of Potatoes - Sometimes used in trade discussions to mean a player is worthless. Most frequently used in reference to a first baseman. Since the first baseman largely just has to stop the ball, a sack of potatoes placed on 1B could do the job. It seems to have been originated by nullacct, with the best early usage here.

Rally Bilo - Helen of Troy is described as "The face that launched a thousand ships." Kate Bilo was the beautiful weather woman for Brewers games until the 2011 season. Her perfect features and stunning smile were capable of gluing men and women, watching baseball in a retractable roof stadium, to the screen for a weather broadcast. She is the standard against which all other weather-women are judged, but all fall short of the glory of Bilo. The animated .gif of her smiling face is used to beseach favor from the gods when the Brewers are in need of runs.

Shruggity - Mykenk's catchphrase, this term is roughly equivalent to "meh," indicating severe apathy.

Lacks a third pitch/ceiling of a third starter - These were phrases used by Backtocali to describe why the Brewers top prospects would never carry the team to a World Series, why the Front office sucked at acquiring young players, and to justify the need to trade away players who were performing at the time. They are now used sarcastically to explain why perfectly good players are bound to regress soon.

He plays the game the right way - Worn-out cliche used by announcers and members of the St Louis Cardinals. Used primarily as an ironic statement to point out general douchebaggery or hypocrisy. Example: "TLR ordered the Braun plunking, then denied it, only to later admit it. He plays the game the right way."

Best fans in baseball - Originated as a cliche for Cardinals fans. Used ironically any time a fan or fans do something Moranic.

Morans/Moranic - Deliberate misspelling of "Moron" frequently used to refer to Cardinals fans. Originates with this photo of a Cardinals fan.

What does Jerry Narron do? - Having followed this team for over a year with Jerry Narron as the bench coach, we have heard nothing about his involvement in baseball. All we know is that he writes the lineup card reeal purdy.

Shoulderhand - Former Brewers Pitching Coach Rick Peterson was infamous for putting his hand on the shoulder of a pitcher during any mound visit.

Webinars - Rick Peterson was also infamous for running a business at the same time as coaching the Brewers, for which he constantly produced webinars of pitching instruction.

Must-Win Game - This phrase, often bandied about by announcing crews, is used sarcastically to make fun of such announcers. Most frequently used on BCB when playing spring training games, opening day, or division rivals.

"..." - or any variant of punctuation with little to no verbiage. A reference to Mat Gamel's horrible interview during spring training 2012 where he showed himself to be a man of few words. Very few words. Originated and used several times in this thread.

You don't want the kids to see negative things (YDWTKTSNT) - A reference to a Chris Carpenter quote, as he attempted to explain why the Brewers behaviors, such as untucking, or celebrating big hits, should not be allowed. Apparently Little Leaguers should "play the game the right way" and not have fun.

Eating babies/infants - A BCB reference to the ghastly evil that is the St. Louis Cardinals.

Tiny bones - After a pitch was thrown up and in on Albert Pujols in a game where Ryan Braun had already been plunked, Tony LaRussa was upset in the postgame interview. He asked the rhetorical question "Do you know how many tiny bones are in the hand?".

You spelled Ishikawa wrong - When Jerry Narron wrote the lineup card with Norichika Aoki's name "spelled" out in Japanese, Ishikawa was still in standard script. So I stated that apparently he hadn't learned to spell Ishikawa. It went downhill from there.

RRR - An abbreviation for Runnin' Ron Roenicke, the Brewers manager who has an inexplicable fascination with small ball. Occasionally BRR for Buntin' Ron Roenicke.

Corey is the best at catching balls at the warning track - A comment made for a text-the-booth question. Origin. This led to further jokes about sending in other asinine comments to the booth with #BCB or #OV tacked on so we'd know it was a joke. Examples.

Cat names - Rabbit915 made a habit of posting modified Brewers names with cat themes. Examples include Paul Meowlitor, Ron Roenikitty, and Martin Hairballdonado.