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Steven Goldman: Kyle Lohse is not the cavalry

SB Nation Designated Columnist Steven Goldman cautions against the notion that adding one veteran pitcher is a game-changer for this team.

Over at, SBN Designated Columnist Steven Goldman has a look at the hype surrounding the Kyle Lohse signing and cautions against the notion that baseball's last major free agent to sign will dramatically alter the course of the 2013 season. Here's the money paragraph:

Lohse had a star-level season in 2012, but his career story is one of solid competency, not stardom. He has had, as per Baseball-Reference, five seasons of being worth approximately two wins above replacement. Last year, he was worth closer to four. He has had an extraordinary career for a player drafted in the 29th round, but there's little that's extraordinary about him overall. He's miscast as the player who is going to boost the Brewers into the playoffs, and no one would have thought of him that way had the circumstances of his offseason not put him in the role of late-arriving cavalry.

You should, of course, go read the whole thing.