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Vegas likes the Brewers less than they did in February

Bovada has updated their odds for the 2013 Brewers, and you're probably not going to like the way things are headed.

Tom Pennington

Since reporting to spring training the Brewers have added Kyle Lohse (and Yuniesky Betancourt), the team has left Arizona relatively healthy and Jean Segura is having a big spring. But is that enough to raise your hopes for the 2013 season?

For Bovada, at least, the answer appears to be no. They've updated their odds for the 2013 Brewers and the Crew has taken a step back in three notable bets.

World Series odds:

Let's start with the big one. On February 20 Bovada gave the Brewers a 40:1 shot of bringing a World Series trophy back to Milwaukee. They've since downgraded the Crew to 50:1. The Brewers and Royals are now tied for the honor of being the 18th most likely team to win it all.

Odds to win the NL Pennant:

As you might expect, the Brewers also lost some ground here. They were 18:1 back in February and enter play on Monday at 22:1. They're the eighth most likely team to win the NL this season according to Bovada, but they're well back of the seventh-most likely Cardinals (10:1).

Over/under win total:

Vegas had set the Brewers' 2013 over/under at 81.5 wins on February 20, but has since downgraded them to 80.5. The Brewers were one of five teams to see their line drop. The Yankees actually fell all the way from 88.5 wins to 84.5.

For what it's worth, in all three of the above measures the Brewers remain ahead of the Pirates and Cubs. Their chances of winning the NL Central also remain steady at 13:2.