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Game preview/thread #-26: Brewers at Cubs

Chicago is rocking the split squad today.

Mike McGinnis

Yovani Gallardo was originally slated to make the start for the Brewers today, but groin tightness has led the Brewers to scratch him and start Marco Estrada. Gallardo will throw a bullpen session today instead, then pitch an inning against team Canada. The Brewers say they reevaluate Gallardo's participation in the World Baseball Classic with him following that outing. By reevaluate, I'm hoping that means ey'll just say "Yeah, um, no."

Instead, Estrada will continue to prepare for a season in which he is the anticipated seconds starter. It will also be the first season in which he is preparing for a full time starting role. He pitched well in his first appearance of sprin, throwing three innings, striking out four batters, and giving up just one hit. It's hard to do much better than that.

Opposing the Brewers will be new Cub Edwin Jackson. There were some who thought Jackson would be a fit with the Brewers before he signed a four year, $52 million deal with Chicago. He had a 4.03 ERA with the Nationals last season and owns a career 4.40 ERA. This will be Jackson's second appearance of the spring. During the first, he gave up two hits in two innings.

I'm writing this in advance and thus have not seen a lineup.