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Khris Davis makes Brewers roster; World Series inevitable

Holy moly! He did it!


Adam McCalvy reported this morning that hitter Khris Davis has officially made the major league roster to open the 2013 season.

Davis has always hit in the minors, to the tune of a .914 lifetime OPS (9/14 is my birthday. Coincidence?) but forced his way onto the roster by being one of the hottest hitters this spring, launching six home runs, tied for seventh in that category. Overall this spring he OPS'd .921, with most of that coming from slugging. His OBP was .317, but he's always shown a good eye in the minors so there is no reason to believe that he won't get on base well in the majors.

Davis almost has to be one of the first pinch hitters off the bench for Ron Roenicke. He probably won't be able to do much else. Ryan Braun has left field locked down, and that's the only place Davis can really play given the Brewers stubbornness to not throw him at first base. He could probably spell Norichika Aoki in right field from time-to-time, but that won't happen often unless he goes bazonkers at the plate. (subjective note: He probably will)

This wonderful, wonderful day should make everybody Khris Davis fans. If he hits, Yuniesky Betancourt all of a sudden gets less plate appearances as a pinch hitter. That would be awesome. Khris Davis is awesome. This is awesome.