The Intercontinental Baseball Championship

To make baseball even more enjoyable to watch this year, I'm introducing the Intercontinental Baseball Championship (IBC). While not as exciting as winning the Cactus Cup, it does bestow bragging rights on the current holder's team.

It's a travelling "trophy" that will start with the San Francisco Giants. The first team to win a series (or sweep a two game series) against the Giants will be the next Intercontinental Baseball Champions... until they lose their next series or the season ends.

1. Since this is just starting, it starts with last year's World Series Champion.
2. To take away another team's title, a team needs to win a series of three or more games, or sweep a two game series against the current champion.
3. The team holding the title at the end of the season will be the IBC throughout the winter, unless that team enters the post-season, in which case the normal rules apply.
4. This is a championship the Cubs could actually win.
5. The earliest the Brewers will have a shot at the IBC is April 12th if the Cards beat the Giants earlier that week.
6. Go Brewers