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Khris Davis Beats Second Best Team in MLB: Brewers 7, Mariners 6

Khris Davis should play every game at every position forever.


Win: Khris Davis
Loss: Mariners
Savior: Khris Davis

HR: KHRIS DAVIS (2), Hunter Morris (his measly first of the year), Something Garner (1), Michael Morse (2), Kendrys Morales (2)

The Mariners had this coming. Lookout Landing was getting cocky, thinking their team would be Cactus League Champions. They thought the marbles would roll in their favor. They thought the still-undefeated Royals would falter and only Seattle would remain on top. They didn't count on Khris Davis.

Without Khris Davis, the Brewers would never have won this game. To be more accurate, they would have lost this game by a run. Instead, the Brewers started Khris Davis and won by a run. That's a two run difference between a potential loss and a win. Those two runs are exactly what was provided by Khris Davis's two run home run. Ergo, Khris Davis won this game and kept any hope of a Cactus League Title alive.

Khris Davis also singled. In his third plate appearance, he recorded an out. He thought it necessary, that Brewers fans were too spoiled. It goes along with the old saying, "without the sour, the sweet wouldn't taste so sweet." Khris Davis wanted that sweet, sweet taste to last forever. So he gave us some sour. But he did it in a way that showed he could have had a better result, forcing Franklin Gutierrez to do Gutierrez-like defense to track down Davis's hit. Prior to the out, Davis also showed how intimidating he was to opposing pitchers by forcing a wild pitch.

Other players also attempted to play at a similar level to Khris Davis. They couldn't, of course, but they tried, nonetheless. Some did OK. Relative to Khris Davis, they did poorly. In a non-Khris Davis world, they were pretty good though.

  • Josh Prince went 1-1 with a walk and a run scored. He also stole a base.
  • Donnie Murphy drove in a couple runs and scored a run on one hit.
  • Scooter Gennett went 2-2 with a double.
  • Hunter Morris hit his first home run of the Spring.
  • So did Cole Garner, whoever that is.
  • In bad news, Norichika Aoki continued his slump, going 0-3. He's hitting just .167 in Spring thus far. The inferior Davis, Kentrail, also struggled as he struck out in both his plate appearances.
  • Michael Fiers gave up a couple of runs in 3.1 innings, but struck out three while walking just one.
  • Johnny Hellweg hurt his chances of making the bullpen for opening day, giving up four earned runs in one inning pitched on three hits and a walk. He struck out one batter.
  • Jed Bradley was a bright spot, pitching two clean innings with two strikeouts.

Milwaukee is now six games back from a Cactus League crown. Every game is a must-win, now. Therefore, Khris Davis must start every game. Starting tomorrow, when the Brewers take on the Arizona Diamondbacks, who have a home game every game.