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Meetup Cancelled

Lack of interest cited

Hey folks, I made changes to the original post but they don't seem to be showing and I want to make sure you're all seeing this, so I'm putting up a new post.

Just two folks RSVP'd for the meetup on Saturday, so we're going to go ahead and cancel. I know at least one person already bought their movie ticket so I sincerely hope you can get a refund or exchange or that you'll still at least go see the movie because it looks pretty darn good and I apologize.

A lot of folks expressed that it might be weird to watch a movie together, so we'll try for a straight-up hangout to watch a game at some point later in the season.

We apologize for any inconvenience this might cause anybody and hope that when we make plans later in the summer we'll be able to see more of you.

Go Brewers!